LA QUERCE Residence

“Between the poetic Castelfalfi town and the artistic masterpiece of Florence, we got the opportunity to develop and give new shape to the spaces of an elegant complex in the luxuriant Florentine countryside of Toscana Resort Castelfalfi – today used as a residence.

The main character for this project was the union between present and past, light and nature, tradition and quality: we designed and furnished every room in a harmonious and exclusive way, using elements made specifically for this project with the finest materials, enhanced by art and design accessories: the result of a careful and detailed research.
We have studied every single space and furniture in its colors, fabrics and materials in order to create a common thread and a dialogue between the different elements and spaces that make up the rooms. Particular attention was given to the “HOUSE OF GAMES”: an open space dedicated exclusively to relaxation and leisure time, where a set of elements, each different from the other, are brought together harmoniously to form a unicuum.
Spearhead of the complex is a large infinity pool that mirrors the facade of the house, surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation and overlooking the golf course below.”

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